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Auction Defender is an eBay auction manager for Windows. It allows you to browse eBay for auctions and then bid on them manually or automatically. The latter process is known as sniping (i.e. to bid on an auction at the last very possible moment). Unlike other eBay "managers" out there, Auction Defender incorporates a web browser that allows you to actually see the eBay website from within the application. You can then go to the auctions and add them to the interface by simply clicking the "add item" button, which beats the hell out of copying and pasting auction ID numbers. The set of features that Auction Defender has to offer are on par with most other applications. You can predefine a sniping time (default time is 15 seconds), manually bid on auctions, and even add several users. This is of help when you have individual accounts for specific types of products. There is another feature that I honestly hadn't seen before. You can have the application download the images on the eBay auction page when you add it to the interface. Thus, you get all the graphic information of the product you are bidding on right on your computer. Graphically, the application is very pleasing. I have to say that the browser at the bottom works well and adding items is fairly easy.

José Fernández
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  • Auto-download auction pictures feature is nice
  • Adding auctions is easy


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